Claudia Coutour rev

Expertise: Wardrobe, Film, Modeling
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Weapon of Choice: Hanger
DR Magazine: La Mode Ensemble
Claudia Couture is a former Pin-up Girl and Actress with a sharp wit. Don’t let the allure of her sex appeal fool you; she means business. Nicknamed the “Quiet Storm” because she is a woman of action and few words. She can always to be trusted to get the job done. She is second in command of the FBIA.



Expertise: Hair
Place of Birth: Unknown
Weapon of Choice: Blow Dryer, Weave Needle
DR Magazine: Dear Diva Letters
Preston Curlz III is the Hair Technician to the stars. He has a low tolerance for bad weaves and is honest to a fault. He prides himself on being a distinguished; cultured gentleman but is the diva of the group. He has impeccable taste and a high brow but will lighten a situation with his great sense of humor.



Expertise: Make-Up
Place of Birth: Libyan Amazons
Weapon of Choice: Make-Up Brush Bow & Arrow
DR Magazine: Glamazona Travel’s
A warrior woman with a kind heart. Glamazona is known for her rebellious spirit and bold approach to color. Gifted in the art of tattoos and sci-fi make-up. She believes no beauty challenged individual is a helpless case.


Expertise: Men’s Hair, Grooming
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois USA
Weapon of Choice: The Special Apron
DR Magazine: Shop Talk

Relay is the owner of the King Cutz barber shop franchise in the mid-west. His shop is a place that guys go to kick up their feet, get a fresh cut and feel at home to discuss sports, politics, men’s style, current events and of course women. He comes from a long line of exceptional barbers. His special apron was passed down to him from his father who received it from his father. When he places it on he has the knowledge and ability of every great barber before him.

Brooklyn Bolt

Expertise: Personal Security Detail
Place of Birth: The Borough of Brooklyn
Weapon of Choice: Hands Declared a Lethal Weapon

The straight-faced, tight-lipped, overly protective bodyguard of Dylanger Rose. Master in the art of Tai Chi Chuan and Boxing. Legend has it that he can stop a man’s heart with his bare hands. Will protect and defend DR by any means necessary.