Fashion Design- Outsourced design services for outside clothing brands. Using your vision and inspiration we create Computer Aided Design (CAD) images. CADs are used as a visual display of your collection in its early stages.


We also provide technical package creating services. Tech packs help translate to manufacturing companies and sample makers the construction, content, graphic techniques, label, tag and trim information. It is a detailed description on how to make your garment and how it should look.

Rates include two revisions of both CADs and tech packs. A $50.00 charge is added for any revision after the second.

Graphic/ Logo Design- Can be used to brand your business and creates a visual communication through the use of type, space, color and images.


Image Consulting- Professional advice on the creative direction of your appearance or things involving public perception. This includes but is not limited to clothing, hair, make-up etc.

Brand Consulting- Using our years of experience to provide creative concepts and direction on how to help your business grow.

Wardrobe Styling- Select clothing and accessories for such things as editorial features, ad campaigns, red carpet events, castings, music videos, tours or public appearances made by public figures. Fees are determined by project. Daily rates have a minimum commitment of at least 2 hours.

Other Services

DIY Tutorials- How-to style demonstrations or advice via online videos or print. Click on Videos Tab

Press Coverage- Reports on events relating to our industries (Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment). Click on Events Tab

Style Webisodes- Comedic shorts about common fashion flubs. Find Us on YouTube

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