As the daughter of a runway coach and an aspiring architect; Davonna “Dylanger Rose” Carr spent a lot of time around fashion and loved to sketch. She noticed that her passion was illustrating people and was excited to create clothing concepts to place on them. As a child; Davonna was also known for her intricate story-lines during Barbie playing sessions with friends.

Click to view our Dylanger Rose page

Click to view our Dylanger Rose page

After receiving her degree in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production with a minor in Business from Iowa State University; Davonna packed her bags and moved to the big city. As a New Yorker she spent several years as a Fashion Designer but inside she always knew that she wanted more. After volunteering in her church’s theater department as a wardrobe stylist; she was inspired to go back to those same passions of drawing and storytelling. Dylanger Rose the Fashion Illustrated Super Shero was created and the idea for DR Fashion Super Shero was formed.

At DR Fashion Super Shero our mission is to celebrate the fusion of the worlds of Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment. We promise to keep the world aesthically harmonious, fashionably fierce and fabulous. We plan to deliver on that promise through Fashion Design, Image Consulting, Brand Consulting, Styling, Do-it-Yourself Tutorials (online/ print), Style Webisodes and Press coverage for events relating to our industries.

The company as a brand is centered around Dylanger Rose the Fashion Super Shero; a fictional fashion illustrated heroine. Dylanger Rose is the head of the Fashion and Beauty Intelligence Agency (F.B.I.A) with headquarters in New York, Los Angeles and London. With her glam team “The Side Kicks of Super Style” they specialize in saving fashion victims around the world one Fashion tip at a time. Each side kick has a specialized area of expertise. They consist of Claudia Couture the Wardrobe and Modeling Expert, Preston Curlz III Hair Technician to the Stars and Glamazona Glitz the Make-up expert and tattoo artist. You will soon be able to view episodes chronicling their comedic rescue missions.


Dylanger’s expertise is in Fashion and Music. We cater to the MTV generation and Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment enthusiasts. On this site we will generally focus the contribution Musical Performers make to the world of Fashion.

Vision for DRFSS Future:




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