Dear Diva Letters: Code A-Z

Dear Divas

It has been a while since I’ve wrote you. I have missed you ever so sorely. I have been busy with the team working on one mission after another and no mission is like the next. I have run my fingers through all types of hair honeys. I can now confidently say that I am what we call a Code: A-Z stylist. When you specialize in Code: A-Z you can say yes to it all. Preston can you… yes! But can you… yes I can! Only the best of the best stylists can say this. This is what you have to become if your are a part of the FBIA.  You never know what type of hair you will be working with. Can you do a french roll on a model who only had baby hairs? If you can’t show up and rise to the occasion then you will have all failed the mission. I am not a sports man but I know enough to know you never want to be the player who loses the game for the whole team. Can you turn bone straight asian hair to curls that will last longer than a day? To my European stylist, Black women should not be afraid to sit in your chair. Can you be trusted to do naturally textured hair, chemically treated hair, sew in weaves so good that they don’t matte in the back, tighten dreads, braids where the edges won’t fall out, can you make a divafied wig or help stimulate their hair to grow past their shoulders? What can you do with a Jew fro?  It shouldn’t matter what type of client. Men and women alike, you should be able to tell them what products to use, how to maintain a perfect beard or even advise what color and cut will best fit for their face. Can you make a red carpet ready style? What about everyday fabulous? Can you take boring stringy hair and make it as big as Texas, Free flowing like Cali or New York business savy chic? Every salon should have a Code: A-Z stylist on your roster and every stylist should aspire to be one. It increases your profit margin and makes you indispensable.


Preston Curl III

I Can do it All



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