Super Style’d 2015: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Transformative Style

Makeovers are for amateurs! Simply applying a fresh coat of makeup, a new hair cut and outfit is child’s play. Kylie Jenner’s outward appearance has gone through a total revamp essentially morphing her into another person entirely. The youngest of the famous family has shown us all the transformative power of being completely restyle’d from head-to-toe making her DR’s pick for Super Style’d 2015.


King Kylie Cover (Living Doll)

Kylie has always had individual style that separated her from the bunch. She slowly revealed glimpses of it through out the years but in 2015 it burst in a major way rivaling the most fashionably fierce women in entertainment. Her clothing became more sophisticated, enviable hair that changed with each King Kylie instagram post, a body that makes all the boys drool and Kylie Jenner herself proclaimed that makeup contouring and lip liner changed her life. She went from cute kid to Va Va Va Voom! More than just her (then) boyfriend; rapper Tiger was glad that she became legal this year.

Her new look may have caused a bit of controversy but there is no way you can deny the fact that the girl looks good!

Kylie Jenner time line

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Laverne Cox

The Quinfecta Experience

You can’t just put on a beautiful dress and call it slaying. You have to embody the qualities and traits it takes to slay. Laverne Cox has gracefully glided down red carpets in designer gowns such as Donna Karen, Elizabeth & James and Calvin Klein to name a few but it wasn’t just the gown that makes her stand out. She encompasses a complete quinfecta experience! It is her mind, confidence, attitude, not to mention she has mastered the art of smizing and carries herself with the pose of a pageant girl. She is not only one of the breakout stars of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black but a breakout star in style. From head-to-toe the diva is flawless. Christina Pacelli has been noted as being the stylist that put Laverne on the road to fashion stardom heading to iconic. Her look is that is never over the top feminine, it can even be described at times as minimalist, sporty and sultry. Ms. Cox is usually seen in solid color gowns or with a hint a yonce sparkle. Her hair is often styled in long golden tendrils with a part down the middle or with bangs. She has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes photographers want to snap and the gorgeous face that has the beauty industry clamoring to her to be there cover girl. She has definitely made an impressionable mark in 2015.


Gwen Stefani

Forever Cool

Rounding out the list is Gwen Stefani. Many tuned in to the voice to see her many stylish wardrobe changes. It may not have been a complete u-turn from the what we have seen in the past but when you are Gwen Stefani you don’t need to. LOVE HER!!


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Is there a Super Style’d recipient of the past that you think deserves to be on the 2015 list?