BB Confessionals: Who Is Relay Johnson?!

New York City Newsstand

New York City Newsstand

EXT. Fashion district NYC – day


Casually walking down the streets of New York City, BB’s eye catches a glimpse of the August 2015 issue of DR Fashion mag on the newsstand.



Kyoko! Look at this. Relay? The newest edition to the FBI family? What?


BB rolls her eyes and begins to laugh sarcastically.



What is really going on? Who is Relay and how did he get an assignment before Glamazona? I know Ms.Wild Thang is tight about that. She has been waiting for Dylanger to put her on a glam assignment for years. Since the beginning! More importantly how does Preston the Diva to the stars feel about this? He can cut men’s hair. He can be a barber.


BB continues to be more intrigued as she flips through the pages of the magazine. Kyoko stands near by absorbing the newfound pieces of juicy gossip.



Does he think he is so in demand that he needs an extra hand? OUh!!! (BB nudges Kyoko’s shoulder) Or is he Preston’s secret replacement and Dylanger isn’t telling nobody! Shade! Super shady. I’m spreading that rumor asap.


Watch out Preston. He may cut more than just hair. Snip snip.


And look here. He has the nerve to be talking about film. We all know that that is Claudia’s department. But who goes to the movies nowadays anyway when we sell a good copy for $5. Guaranteed clear HD quality baby.


The more she reads she becomes more and more dismayed.



The only time he isn’t stepping on anyone’s toes is when he is talking about politics. There he goes. Pow! He needs to stay right there. That lane is clear and wide open. Dylanger is not keeping her sidekicks in line.


Your name Relay but you don’t know how to stay in lane. You want all the lane? You disqualified.


Exactly. Talking about NWA. What does he know about real rap anyway? It says right here he is from Chicago. We all know that the East and West Coast run it! The Mid-West never had and never will and the South with their slow nursery rhymes raps hasn’t had a real MC since Scarface. Ba ba ba Brooklynnnnnnnnnn!!!


BB closes the magazine, throws it to the ground and walks away. Kyoko makes sure to step on it and quickly follows behind her. The newsstand owner is angered and yells out to them.



Hey! You have to pay for that!