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I would’ve never believed that here at King Cutz that I would be cutting flat tops and gumby’s in 2015. My boy 2 Deuce was like “I wanna texturizer and the jheri curl is coming back yo”. He said a texturizer is the best of both worlds his girl has one and she can wear it straight or curly. Ain’t no way in hell I’m giving jheri curls up in here. He had just come from seeing “Straight out of Compton” the movie too. I heard they spent $1500 on jheri curl wigs in it and I wasn’t even going to go see it because one, I already seen CB4 and two, because I heard about the racist casting. The movie could have just been called F*@k the Police. From the beginning it was apparent that the “War on drugs” was really a “War on blacks and browns”. Throughout the movie “the man” would constantly try to screw over people of color, and then get salty when those same people retaliated in a way that was outside the rules of his “system”. In the same way NWA brought the streets to the recording industry. Ice cube and Easy E even pointed out that even though blacks were getting busted for guns and drugs, nobody was interested in finding the people who were supplying them.

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Just like in Baltimore, rival gangs unified to show love for their neighborhood. Most powerful scene in the movie if you ask me.

That’s the way ignorant people act in a tight situation. They don’t look for solutions, they look for someone to blame. When Donald Trump was shooting his mouth off about how we need to get rid of all the “illegal” Mexicans he became the number one Republican candidate. All this when they know the country would collapse if all that cheap immigrant labor dissappeared. Mexicans are the new Africans. But his supporters are too dumb to realize this. Republican’s aren’t the only sucka’s tho. Out of all the possible hypocritical politicians to get at, those two girls claiming “Black lives matter” Kanye’d the one politician who marched with Dr. King who would have really been able to help their cause the most…Bernie Sanders. Hillary don’t like black people…well at least not black people in hoodies. Martin O Malley’s cops were probably shipped in from Baltimore to help harass black people in “Straight outta Compton”, so why target Bernie Sanders? Ignorance is not bliss. What ya’ll think about that?

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