La mode ensemble: Mad Max Fury Road

Bonjour mes amis. It is I, Claudia Couture the FBI’s resident wardrobe expert for television and film. Ooh la la do I have a tasty treat for you. Don’t get your culotte in a bunch boys I’m talking about a movie filled with action, adventure and loaded guns! Oui oui, I’m talking about Mad Max Fury Road.

The movie stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron as Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa. The action begins when Furiosa decides to take a detour from the initial mission to invade a nearby settlement, to return to her home land. She takes with her the evil dictator Immortan Joe’s wives, one of whom is pregnant with his baby boy. The film was filled with back to back explosive action sequences, nicely crafted fight choreography, spiked racing cars, war vehicles, juiced up bikes and Max’s classic American muscle car. My experience was heightened by the 3D visuals. It appeared that characters in the film had a high threshold for pain. Immortan Joe’s “War boys” believed that it was an honorable death to die on Fury Road. The character “Nux” played by Nicholas Hult repeatedly said throughout the movie “I live, I die, I live again” showcasing his belief that the paradise Valhalla was awaiting on the other end of his sacrifice. This was also displayed in how the characters would poke and prod themselves with no hesitation pulling rods from their flesh. These were no, how you say pansy pant girly man.

Mad Max Cover


The two characters that stuck with me the most where Nux and Furiosa. It was Nux’s need to do something of importance with his life to gain the approval and acceptance from the ruler. He had several failed attempts before finally dying a martyr’s death as a traitor. After successfully escaping the savage war boys and arriving back to her people, Furiosa finds that the place that was her source of hope so long no longer existed. Max convinces her that the best solution was for her to take out Immortan Joe and return back the way they came. In that moment I almost felt sympathy when this tough fearless woman was brought to her knees. Was it worth going on a rogue mission risking the lives of the wives who maybe should not have left? They could refuse Max’s advice and continue on to an unknown territory without the promise of another Green land or go back home where they were sure that resources existed. Max further emphasizes it by stating that “hope is a mistake, if you can’t fix what is broken you will go insane.” His logic was based on his obvious experience with insanity from not being able to fix the people in his life.

Movie Wardrobe:

After reading the script and working with the director you will pick up an overall theme. The movie can take a realistic approach or a more stylized one leaving room for fantasy. The wardrobe largely had a post apocalyptic theme of worn out grungy clothing heavily influenced by Oi! culture. Oi! has its origins in British punk rock mixed with white supremacy and Nazi overtones as alluded to by their seeking Valhalla upon death. When designing for a post apocalyptic film you must consider the functionality of the clothing, the elements, color and durability. Functional clothing in a kill or be kill environment is made to keep you alive. Utilitarian style clothing with compartments are key in storing survival essentials like weaponry, food, water and other resources.

In a desert climate such as the one in Mad Max Fury Road, you will want to protect your skin from heat, dust and dryness. The color palette should be natural earth tones and warm neutrals for camouflage or white to reflect the sun. While roaming the wasteland your apparel will suffer a lot of wear and tear. Clothing made of sturdy materials will be built to last.

The comprehensive look for an unpoliced society for female characters should be androgenic. And androgenic style of dress will protect women from possible rape. This was apparent in Furiosa’s shaved head. Below I styled and illustration in Post Apocalyptic wardrobe.

Post Apocalyptic Wardrobe

Post Apocalyptic Wardrobe

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