Mary J.: Work That

Mary J Blige: Work That

Mary J Blige: Work That

Have you ever noticed that cute workout clothes make you want to work out longer? If it’s not true for you, it’s true for me. When I have on cute gear I don’t want to go in the house until enough eyes have been on me. It makes me happy when I feel I look good. There is no shame in that. The shame comes when your confidence is built around what you wear and your outside. Women will go to great lengths to get the shape they want. Beyond the gym we wear padded bras, shapers and butt pads, all in the name of figure 8 and perfect 10.

Workout Gear

Workout Gear

Some women ditch the cute gym gear and membership altogether. Who can blame them, it can be very intimidating with all the hard bodies and “beautiful people” working out. However, to say I don’t want to go to the gym until I’m fit is like saying I don’t want to go to the doctor until I’m well. We focus too much on our outer (cute gym clothes), and not enough on our inner (healthy body image). There is no one standard of beauty. It comes in all shapes and all sizes.

♫“Just because the length of your hair ain’t long, and they often criticize you for your skin tone. Want to hold your head high, cause you’re a pretty woman, get your runway stride home and keep going.”♫  -Mary J. Blige

This article was inspired by Mary J Blige’s “Work that” which encourages women to work what they got and be themselves. Mary J graced the December issue of Shape Magazine in 2013 discussing how she takes care of herself on the outside and inside.


♫“I hear you been running,
from the beautiful queen that you could be becoming”♫ –Mary J Blige

Sports bras, off the shoulder sweatshirts and leg warmers can be cute, but they’re not what make you beautiful. Training yourself to be mentally strong and loving yourself without comparison are what make you fine like a bottle of wine. Now this isn’t a license to be lazy, ugly or unhealthy, get your behind to the gym if you know you need to go. Work that!


Reference scripture: Psalm 139:14 (KJV)

14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.