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FF4T: What Can Make A Good Girl Dress Naughty Bad?

Her father tells her she is sugar and spice and everything nice in hopes that she will stay that way forever. According to Chris Rock his only duty as a father is to make sure his daughters stay off the pole. Her mother parts her hair down the middle and gives her pig tales with pretty colored ribbons. She pinches her cheeks so they become rosey and dresses her in ruffled gowns. This is the picture of a good little girl.

Early Miley Cyrus

Early Miley Cyrus


Early Britney Spears

As a teen she never wears a skirt that is above the knee and in her adult years the good girl is supposed to button her shirt all the way to the top. Good girls make good impressions. You can tell by the way she is dressed that she sits with her legs crossed, chews with her mouth closed, never farts, follows all the rules and never ever uses bad language. Fashion Food 4 Thought: What can make a good girl add some spice to her wardrobe and dress naughty bad?



“The Pressure of Perfection”

To answer this question you must study the girls who used to dress goodie goodie but now have a naughty naughty style. The perfect example of this are the Disney girls, Mickey Mouse Clubbers and the former child stars. The reigning princesses of naughty girl style is Miley Cyrus. Her new look has given her new looks and on the lips of everyone.

The cause of this could be many different reasons. It could be that she has simply grown up and the “good girl” style does not reflect who she is currently. Maybe she doesn’t want to be known as Hannah Montana forever and wants to be recognized as Miley Cyrus the young adult woman who may twerk at a rap concert now and then.

For many I believe it is the pressure of perfection that causes the good girl to rebel. They are put in the spot light at a young age and told “You are a role model for MILLIONS of young girls. Here is a list of things you can NOT do.” Under the microscope called fame every bad decision and mistake is hightened, highlighted and broadcasted for the world to judge. They are bottled up until they explode. The rebel bad girl usually emerges in her late teens; early 20’s because this is the time in their lives when the girl wants to explore her woman hood. During this time you are supposed to be allowed to make the most mistakes so that she can learn, grown and find out who she is.


Perfection is unrealistic and the young girls of whom they are living for will never be able to live up to the standard. Mistakes are apart of your humanness. Once you learn that lesson it also teaches you how to have the grace to forgive yourself and others for making them.

You may not agree, but I think Britney Spears was one of the best naughty dressed good girl role models. Not because she did everything right but because of her example of resiliency. She was stalked, ridiculed and beaten up by the media like no other celebrity I have seen. This would make most people quit and leave the business for good. Britney may have taken a break or two but no matter how hard they came down on her she would get up dancing and she probably will until the world ends.

NEW Britney-Spears

Just because you’re not wearing the “Good Girl” uniform anymore doesn’t mean that you are now a bad girl. It means that you are a good girl who grew up and started making her own choices. You define who you are and what style names you will answer to.