Dear Diva Letters: Living In The Past

Living In the Past

Living In the Past

Dear Divas,

It’s your resident Hair Guru Preston Curlz III. My boss lady Ms. Dylanger was just talking about The Comeback. A comeback is when something from the past returns again and becomes new. The key word in my last sentence was RETURNS. Listen honeys, in order for something to return you must first let it go. This Letter is address, sent express, I licked the stamp personally to have it delivered to the door step of the divas that are living in the past and won’t let go. Some of you have been rocking the same hairstyle consistently since high school and have the nerve to call it vintage. Let me tell you something honeys, if you wear the same hairstyle to your reunion as you did in your graduation pictures you’re probably in violation!

I’m so flabbergasted that my poor little memory escapes me. I don’t remember the number to this violation. I’ll call it Code: Stuck. Allow me to express myself gently my precious little doves. Just because something worked for you in the past doesn’t mean that it will continue to work. When that time expires do not be afraid to try something new. Even Queen Beyonce who is known for her volumous show hair was seen in a pixie cut. She may have had to get her hair caught in the diva fan first but change is change and change can be good. It is ok to love things from our past but let us not allow ourselves to hold on so tight that we can not appreciate the new things in the present available to love.

Some new trends in hair for Fall 2013 are: Grungy wet looks inspired by Kirk Cobain and Kate Moss, Ombre is still in style, Punk looks, Care-free waves, sleek styles, short cuts, bouncing bangs and high volume.

Fall 2013 PC Approved Styles

Fall 2013 PC Approved Styles


So stop staining pillows with your Jheri Curl juice and try something new; at least for a season. You never know; you may like it. It is apart of the excitement of life. Live in the now and leave the old for the history books.


Preston Curlz III


I didn’t even get into products. Some of you are still using Madame CJ Walkers first perm. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another day another letter.

Preston Curlz III Approved: Dylanger Rose Hair Make-Over

Preston Curlz III Approved: Dylanger Rose Hair Make-Over

Agent Chambers Hair Make-Over. Preston Curlz III  Approved

Agent Chambers Hair Make-Over. Preston Curlz III Approved



Jheri Curl