The Comeback: Danity Kane

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Danity Kane Re-Unite

Comeback Fashion

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They say there is nothing new under the sun. Everything that is here now has already existed. The same applies to fashion. The trends of the moment go in cycles. You can almost bet that they will come back around. When it re-surfaces it is a modernized version of its previous form. Some items that have made a comeback this year are crop tops, wide leg pants and one-piece jumpsuits.

My First Fashion Inspiration: My mother Charmaine Wade in Wide Leg Pants with Husband Melvin Wade

My First Fashion Inspiration: My mother Charmaine Wade in Wide Leg Pants with Husband Melvin Wade (I get it from my momma)

Spring/ Summer: Crop Tops This Summer we saw the crop top worn in a few different ways. In past seasons, the crop top was designed to bare your belly but this time around the trend was styled differently. From the runways to the streets; it was paired with high-waist bottoms or used as an extra layer over a fitted shirt or dress to give the look an extra twist.

Fall/Winter: Wide Leg Pants Wide legs are slowly making their comeback this year in several different cuts and fabrications. The 70’s inspired pant is a more relaxing choice than the fitted skinny jean. It can be worn by the woman with a flare for the dramatic or the stylishly laid-back business woman.

Year Round: One-Piece Jumpsuits The jumpsuit makes putting together an outfit simple. No need to strain your brain thinking of ways to mix and match your ensemble. Most of the work is already done for you! Pair with your favorite accessory items and your ready to go. Our favorite jumpsuit making a comeback this year is the overall.

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Come Back Fashion

Comeback Songs

Danity Kane: Rage


Everyone loves a good comeback story. The thought that not everything ends in tragedy gives people hope. Seeing someone go through hell and rise from the ashes is inspiring. It is not surprising that so many musicians have tales of tragedy to triumph; the industry is full of tortured souls. The struggle is what makes them great. The ability to tap into your pain or emotion and translate them into lyric form is what makes a celebrated songwriter.

The history of girl groups is not pretty. They seem destine to fail before they even begin. From the Supremes to the Spice Girls; things fall apart. Women have a reputation of not being able to get along under normal circumstances; add the glare of the spotlight and the charm of riches and you have the recipe for disaster. Girl groups usually break-up when a nasty little word called strife comes in. It may start out with small things like who has the better costume or hairstyle but eventually grows into something bigger. Negative emotions arise when certain members of the group are selected to be favored above the others or receive more attention in the public or by the label. The battle begins but what is the spoil for the victor except a group in shambles?

This year at the MTV awards the girl group Danity Kane reunited as a quartet. We publicly watched as P.Diddy put them together on the reality show Making The Band 3 and like-wise watched them fall apart on national television. The group consists of: Shannon (The Quiet Storm), Andrea (The Pint Size Vocal Power House),  Aubrey (The Voicetress Vixen) and Dawn (The Smooth Voiced Crooner). The foursome decided to put their differences aside and get back to business. Our ears are ready for the comeback songs that this reunion will produce.


If you know anything about myself, my niece or my sister; you’ll know that we are completely obsessed with MTB3. We know every dance move (boom kat), every line in every episode, have every album and of course every lyric to every song. I am even embarrassed to admit that at every major holiday when we all can come together; we watch re-run episodes on YouTube. It never gets old to us. We love every minute. That is why it should be no surprise that we are extremely excited for their comeback. I expect to see the stylish group in some of this year’s comeback fashion. Failing before reaching true success is a necessary life course designed to ground you in humility. The members are returning as grown women and I wish nothing but the best for them.

Things that should never make a comeback: Milli Vanilli, David Hasselhoff and hot pants with butt cleavage.

Other things that should comeback: Remember Lee Press on nails? They were all the Rage in the 80’s. The new sticker nails are a come back version. The convienence of not having to wait to let the paint dry and worry of chipped tips makes me so happy that they are here again!

Video Soul, The old Lauren Hill, Day 26, Jodeci and lady-like glamour.