Grown A** Women In The Junior’s Department




In your average Middle American department store the ladies clothing is separated into three different sections: kids (0-11), Junior’s (12-19) and Women’s (20 and up). Only one big section for 20 and over?! The problem with having such a large group of ladies in the women’s department is that it doesn’t fit the wide range of types of women it is suppose to cater to. They are being put in a box. Let’s be honest; the women’s department usually looks like clothing made for “Grandma going to work” or “Grandma going on vacation”.  Do the buyers for department stores really believe that dressing like a woman means dressing unattractively? Or is it society’s beliefs that dressing like a woman means dressing overly conservative? We need a middle ground and more options. This leaves grown ass women no choice but to shop in the junior’s department.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 06: Madonna attends the Costume Institute Gala

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 06: Madonna attends the Costume Institute “Punk Themed” Met Gala

This article was inspired by Madonna’s wardrobe for the 2013 Costume Institute’s Met Gala. The 54 year old took a stroll down the punk themed red carpet wearing only a grey studded tartan jacket, fishnet stockings and pink suede stilettos by Casadei. Madonna topped off the look by hanging a crucifix over her rump. Many said that this was a desperate plea for attention in a sea full of young starlets and it wasn’t age appropriate. They claimed that the material girl ran out of material and borrowed one of Lourdes’s outfits.

Dylanger Rose’s POV 

I believe you can be too young wear certain items but who can seriously tell an adult woman what she can and can not wear. Here at The Fashion & Beauty Intelligence Agency (FBIA); we merely give suggestions and educated opinions. It is up to you to take it or leave it. We are not interested in a debate.

Madonna’s outfit would have been over the top for anyone at any age. The woman was in public with no pants on! But what do you expect from the ICON who built her career on sexually shocking her audience. I believe you should dress appropriate to your body type and not your age. A body like Madonna’s is meant to be on display. She has worked too hard in the gym to stay covered up just so you can feel comfortable. Further more, I started getting my first grey hairs in my head before I was in double digits; therefore things that are supposed indicate your age do not mean a thing to me. I can name plenty other hot bodied women over the age of 40 who could have pulled off the look:

Diane Lane in Unfaithful

Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give

Eartha Kitt in Boomerang

Heidi Klum

Halle Berry

Nicole Kidman

Iman and my momma any day of the week!

I plan on dressing flyy until the day I die. If you have a problem with it; don’t look. At the end of the evening, Madonna was escorted out by her hot young boy toy; whom didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she was allowing her style to say what they wouldn’t let her say on camera (Kiss my A$$). Madonna Wins! In the words of Norman Vincent Peale- Live your life and forget about your age.

And as far as Middle American Department stores… yes; please give us women more variety. Thank you!