Beyonce: Lookin’ BOMBshell After Baby

Lookin' BOMBshell After BabyWhen you’re known as an international sex symbol; there are certain fears attached to becoming a mother. You may wonder “Is it ok to do the same sexy things? Can I wear the same sexy clothes? Or do I have to exchange them for PTA meetings and un-flattering mom-jeans?”

Looking at recent images of Mrs. Carter you may assume that those thoughts never crossed her mind. Not only did she snap back in Olympic record timing; Beyonce had the nerve to pose for her own swimsuit line for H&M. Say what? She is definitely living up to her Who Run the World lyrics “Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business.”  This has given closeted MILF’s the green light to drop it like its hott again and removed the fear for future dime diva mother’s-to-be.


From the outside it appears that Beyonce is successfully managing the ultimate balancing Act. You can be a mother, a million dollar magnate and make men’s heads turn with her feminine wiles. No mom-jeans necessary!


At 31, Beyonce is still on the top of her game and the epitome of womanhood. She is humble enough to pay another woman a compliment but boss enough to make B’s bow down. Her leadership teaches women how to be confident in all phases of their lives.

Cheers to KING B! Thank you for lookin’ BOMBshell after baby bleu. You’re an inspiration.



Music Inspired Fashion

Music Inspired Fashion