Fashion Food 4 Thought: Mariah Carey

Cleavage. Check. Lots of leg showing off her great calves. Check. Six inch stilettos that she can barely walk, pose or dance in… Check. Skin tight mini. Check. Blonde locks and a diva fan to blow them in. Check. If you haven’t figured it out by now; the diva I’m describing is Mariah Carey aka “The Voice”.



Jaws dropped to the ground when the usually demure singer/ songwriter burst out of her shell with her sexually metaphoric song “Honey”; released in 1997. Even more shocking than the lyrics was the revealing wardrobe selection for the video. Mariah stripped down giving us plenty of mid-drift and leg. Since that day we have seen nothing but different versions of this look. If you watched her episode of MTV Cribs you’ll realize that her closet; which looks more like a Macy’s, is filled with racks upon racks of mini dresses and sexy stilts.

Fashion Food 4 Thought: Is it better to play it safe and go with what you know works for you like MC? Or be adventurous and try something new even if there is a risk of fashion failure?

 Mariah Carey

On one hand you can look at it from a “If it anit broke, don’t fix it” perspective. When you already know what works for you; you don’t have to waist time in the dressing room trying every new trend. People know what to expect from you and you have created a signature look for yourself.


On the other hand playing it safe can get visually boring. A lot of people play it safe for fear that they will try something new and it will not work out leaving them as a wide open target for Joan Rivers to viciously attack on E! Fashion Police. Trying out something new is a risk but it gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself. This will help you avoid getting stuck in an era and not adjusting to the times.

In MC’s case she is risqué while playing it safe. She may wear the same glittery outfit in a different color every time you see her but she always looks like she is on the brink of a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction.



I believe that it is a balance of the two. Your fashion journey is your own. You should be allowed the time to experiment to find out what works for you. You may have some hits and misses along the way but if you try it and it doesn’t work; now you know not to try it again. This can be a time of discovery to find out your individual style. Once you have discovered your fashion i.d.; if you desire to stay in your lane that’s ok. You can play it safe while experimenting with the familiar.

If the only thing that is consistent about your fashion personality is change; then that is ok too. Create a new look. Don’t be afraid to be a leader. What others say is right may not be right for you. Be confident in your judgment. You know when you’ve gone too far and when you need to reel it back in. At the end of the day you should enjoy your life and have fun with fashion. There is a freedom when being delivered from the bondage of people and their opinions on what you should wear. Fashion is not life or death and it shouldn’t be taken that seriously. We already have Anna Wintour for that. Her position is taken.