Fashion Food 4 Thought: Miguel

Alluring eyes, sleek hair, killer bone structure, a small frame and a sexy falsetto; Miguel has all the makings of a young Prince. Instead of purple body suits with an exposed bottom; he can be seen in playful patterned shirts in delicate fabrics. Fashion Food 4 Thought: Is there anything wrong with a little male androgyny?

 Fashion Food 4 Thought: Miguel

For years women have crossed boundaries and blurred the line labeled women’s wear. On any given day you can catch them in a pant suit paired with heels, a blouse with a bow-tie or carrying a suitcase filled with cosmetics. The female population fearlessly embraced androgyny while men have had strong hesitations.

Men slowly began dipping their foot in by wearing slimmer cuts, “man” bags and added additional grooming to their daily routine in an effort to be metrosexual. The hesitation comes from connecting manhood and sexuality with clothing styles. Does expanding on tradition take away from male masculinity or is it just another form of artistic self expression?


Miguel SNL Performance

Dylanger Rose POV:

This article was inspired by Miguel’s recent SNL performance were he wore a sleeveless leopard print button-up shirt with a short gold chain. It excited the designer in me to see a male entertainer step out of the box in fashion. The gates of freedom have been opened and I will no longer have to be limited in my creativity when working with men’s wear. I can introduce new silhouettes and play with fabrics, textures, prints and color.

Miguel’s fashion is a reflection of his music. He has a sexy sound and he wears clothing that is his own personal interpretation of sexy. His feminine touches added to his ensemble skyrocket his look from ordinary entertainer to a bonafide rockstar and fashion trendsetter. He knows how to mix and match the masculine and the feminine so that it is well balanced. It also doesn’t hurt that his song lyrics clearly express his love for women.


In Miguel’s latest video for “How Many Drinks” he wears a lightweight button-up polka-dot shirt paired with a black tuxedo trench and slim cut matching pants. While featured MC Kendrick Lamar wears a printed short sleeve button-up short set. What do you think?