FAT MEN GOT CAKE: Rick Ross and Cee-lo Green

Fat Men Got Cake

Fat Men Got Cake

This is for the ones whom never quite fit in, the outcast, the nerds, the flawed. You were told you can’t do something, can’t be something because you’re different. The women who look at the magazines and wish they had smaller hips, a flatter stomach, clearer skin, only if I drop a few pounds, gain a few pounds, had bigger jugs, better teeth and prettier feet. The men who wish they were smarter, smoother and had more moolah in the bank after watching JT and Jay-Z in the Suit and Tie video. All isn’t lost. There is hope for you because Fat Men Got Cake!!!

**Side Note**

Hip-Hop Dictionary: Cake- money or a woman’s posterior parts

Use it in a lyric:

“Money, Money, Money, Cake, I need the cake…” -Lloyd Banks

“He want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake…. Go ‘head and put your name on it”- Rihanna

DR Definition: Cake- Something sweet and desirable.

Allow me to explain. Take Cee-lo and Rick Ross for example. When have pot bellies, a black man dressing in elaborate women’s costumes and showing off your man boobs ever been ok? NEVER!! Yet, these men get a pass, women are drawn to them and they are very successful financially. It goes beyond the fact that they’re musically talented. There are a lot of musically talented people who don’t get the same response. It is because confidence is sexy. Confidence is one size fits all; looks good on everyone and you don’t have to go to a store to find it. No stylish designer ensemble has ever done so much; so it cannot compete.

Fat Men Got Cake

Fat Men Got Cake

This proves that you don’t have to shape yourselves into the mold that you’ve been comparing yourself. The thing that you want to change can potentially make you stand out as long as you love yourself. If you’re convinced that your cross eye and hump back makes you the cats meow; people will begin to see you as you see yourself.

So you don’t need Hitch the matchmaker, you don’t need Jay-Z’s swag to get you money and you definitely don’t need a plastic surgeon to cut you up to make you beautiful. All you need is a little confidence. When you put that on you are dressed to impress.