Dear Diva Letters: Lace Front Wigs

Code: D2M

Code: D2M

Dear Divas,

This is your hair guru Preston Curlz III. I have decided that I can not hold my tongue any longer darlings. I’m about to bust! The violation that I am about to reveal is so disturbing that I had to write a letter because I can not look at you face to face. Too many of you are becoming victims of Code: D2M (Doing Too Much)

I’m talking to my lace front wig wearing divas. I am all for wigs as an easy solution to protect your natural hair from the damage everyday styling may leave behind, but I think some of you may be getting carried away. Have you become so delusional that you think this is your real hair? There are limits to what you should be allowed to do with a wig. If you are unsure if you’re committing this crime; allow me to give you some clues:

  • Adding thick baby hair- You’re D2M
  • If you’re wig is dyed more than 2 colors (Nicki Minaj)- You’re D2M
  • If you style it with multiple French rolls- You’re D2M
  • Wearing it with rollers around town- You’re D2M
  • Adding weave to your weave- You’re D2M
  • Adding Goddess braids or twists- You’re D2M
  • Giving it a Relaxer- You’re D2M
  • If there are finger waves on the side- You’re D2M
  • Decorating it with colorful barrettes, extravagant hair jewels or  big exotic flowers- You’re D2M
  • Over loading it with product- You’re D2M

Please do something about yourselves and don’t let me catch you out on the streets. You’ve been warned.


Preston Curlz III