Glamazona’s Travels: Hollywood

Looking back at my decision to leave my home land of the Libyan Amazons I am strangely perplexed at how easy it was for me to leave everything I knew since birth to brave… Continue reading

Dear Diva Letters: Code A-Z

Dear Divas It has been a while since I’ve wrote you. I have missed you ever so sorely. I have been busy with the team working on one mission after another and no… Continue reading

Shop Talk: Oscar Discrimination

  Yo you can’t escape it right now. Everybody is talking about my girl Jada’s #Oscarsowhite video. It’s all on my twitter and facebook timelines and people are coming out the woodwork to… Continue reading

Super Style’d 2015: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Transformative Style Makeovers are for amateurs! Simply applying a fresh coat of makeup, a new hair cut and outfit is child’s play. Kylie Jenner’s outward appearance has gone through a total… Continue reading

Glamazona Travels- Agra, India

Rrrrraaaahhh! My name is Glamazona. I was drawn in the Libyan Amazons from a tribe of chameleon warriors. We used ancient techniques of body stamping, tinted coverings and mud clay prosthetics to camouflage… Continue reading

BB Confessionals: Who Is Relay Johnson?!

EXT. Fashion district NYC – day   Casually walking down the streets of New York City, BB’s eye catches a glimpse of the August 2015 issue of DR Fashion mag on the newsstand.… Continue reading

Shop Talk: Straight Outta Compton

NWA DONATE I would’ve never believed that here at King Cutz that I would be cutting flat tops and gumby’s in 2015. My boy 2 Deuce was like “I wanna texturizer and the… Continue reading

Barber: Relay Johnson and the Special Apron

Expertise: Hair, Grooming Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois USA Weapon of Choice: The Special Apron Please welcome Relay “relaying the message” Johnson to the Team. He is the owner of the King Cutz barber shop franchise… Continue reading

La mode ensemble: Mad Max Fury Road Bonjour mes amis. It is I, Claudia Couture the FBI’s resident wardrobe expert for television and film. Ooh la la do I have a tasty treat for you. Don’t get your culotte… Continue reading

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