Glamazona Travels- Agra, India

Rrrrraaaahhh! My name is Glamazona. I was drawn in the Libyan Amazons from a tribe of chameleon warriors. We used ancient techniques of body stamping, tinted coverings and mud clay prosthetics to camouflage… Continue reading

BB Confessionals: Who Is Relay Johnson?!

EXT. Fashion district NYC – day   Casually walking down the streets of New York City, BB’s eye catches a glimpse of the August 2015 issue of DR Fashion mag on the newsstand.… Continue reading

Shop Talk: Straight Outta Compton

NWA   I would’ve never believed that here at King Cutz that I would be cutting flat tops and gumby’s in 2015. My boy 2 Deuce was like “I wanna texturizer and the… Continue reading

Barber: Relay Johnson and the Special Apron

Expertise: Hair, Grooming Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois USA Weapon of Choice: The Special Apron Please welcome Relay “relaying the message” Johnson to the Team. He is the owner of the King Cutz barber shop franchise… Continue reading

La mode ensemble: Mad Max Fury Road Bonjour mes amis. It is I, Claudia Couture the FBI’s resident wardrobe expert for television and film. Ooh la la do I have a tasty treat for you. Don’t get your culotte… Continue reading

Dylanger Rose Merchandise

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BB Confessionals: Super Style’d 2014

BB: Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Wait just a minute. Did ya’ll see the FBI’s Super Style’d list this year? That list anit nothing but a collection of wrongness. I can’t believe… Continue reading

Super Style’d 2014: The Fashion “It” Girls

It is that time of year again. 2015 is quickly approaching so the Fashion and Beauty Intelligence Agency made our selects for the most stylish stars of 2014. Fashion’s “It” girls of 2014:… Continue reading

Mary J.: Work That

Have you ever noticed that cute workout clothes make you want to work out longer? If it’s not true for you, it’s true for me. When I have on cute gear I don’t… Continue reading

Elle Varner: Music’s Effects On Clothing Styles (Interview + Video)

What is Music’s Effect on Clothing Styles? The common thread that ties Music and Fashion together is creativity. They are both outward expressions of who an individual is internally. So it is no… Continue reading